Averkamp auto body, located at 230 East Main Street, Platteville, WI

About Us.

I grew up on a farm in south western Wisconsin. While on the farm, there was never much free time. But in our free time, my dad and I where always doing some thing with vehicles. Some time it was as minor as putting breaks in one of my five sisters vehicles, to repairing the body of the car after some one had an accident. Other times we would get to wash, wax, and detail all of our vehicles. Through all of this, I developed a love for the disassembling and reassembling vehicles. So while in my junior year of high school, I got a job at a local body shop. It was always my goal to own my own shop. Then after 16 years of experience, I got my chance to own my own shop. Averkamp Auto Body, formerly Kohn's Auto Body, officially opened in September 2014. I was fortunate to retain some of the employees from the previous shop as they have always been known for there exceptional quality and great personality. My team and I strive to make your experience pain free and enjoyable, while at the same time turn out exceptional quality work.